Bookinzy program supports multiple employee feature. You can add your employees from different locations (branches) to the system.

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Log in to your account at Bookinzy and click on Staff to be able to access the Staff Control Panel. Click “Add Employee” to be able to add a new employee.
You will see 4 tabs in the window that will open and contain:

  • Details
  • Weekly schedules
  • Special days
  • Holidays


In the details tab, we will enter basic employee information. We will choose the name, email, phone number and employee profile picture. The profile picture and employee name will appear on the booking form. Then we will choose the location (branch) assigned to the employee. If there is one employee working in multiple branches (locations) at the same time, you can define all locations here with multiple selection options.
You can also include a short note about employees.

weekly schedule:

In the “Weekly schedule” tab, we can create a special weekly work schedule for your employees. Here you can add employees’ rest days, hours of work, and breaks. You can also set up every day of the week. You specify the start and end time for each business day. If it is a day off on that day of the week for employees, write it down in the “Add a day off” checkbox. If you want to add the break time, click the Add Interval button and save the start and end times for the interval. You have the opportunity to add endless hours of breaks for each day of the week. If you want to create a custom schedule for your employees, you must first enable the “Create a specific schedule” checkbox.

Special days:

In the “Special days” tab, you can set up the time sheet on special days for employees. If the employee is allowed for any day, and can only work in the second half of the day, you can register them here. Simply click on the “Add a Special Day” button and note the day, start and end hours in the opening panel. If needed, you can also click the “Add interval” button for special days and add breaks.
If it is necessary to delete the special days that you add, click the Remove special day button.


On the Holidays tab, you can note specific holidays for employees. If employees don’t work on any day, just click that day on the calendar on this tab. Let’s note that you are already recording public holidays for your business in Settings> Holidays. If you would like to set additional holidays for your current employees, please write them down on this tab. Otherwise, it would be better to specify the same holidays in both personnel and settings.

After completing all the information about the employees, you can save the content by clicking on the Add Employee file and it will appear in the list of employees you choose. You can search for name, email, and phone number for employees in the list and sort by name, email and phone number using ascending or descending order. If you need to amend the employee information, you can click the “Edit” button by clicking the “Options” button in front of the staff.

You can delete employees in an individual or group way. If it is necessary to delete one employee, click the “Options” button in front of the employees and click the “Delete” button. If you want to delete some employees, simply click on the delete icon that will open below when the checkboxes are activated.


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