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Send SMS notifications of any action to your customers and employees.

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By using Bookinzy booking system, you can send notifications via SMS messages about any action to your customers and employees. You can set the title and content of SMS message notifications with specific words and addresses.

You can send SMS message notifications in all of the following actions when using Bookinzy:

New appointment – When a customer adds a new appointment.
Rescheduled appointment – when the manager changes the appointment information. (The appointment date or time has changed.)
Confirmed Appointment – When the manager has confirmed an appointment.
Pending appointment – when the manager does not confirm the appointment.
Declined Appointment – When the manager rejects the appointment.
Canceled Appointment – When the manager cancels the appointment.

You must adjust each work separately for clients and employees. If you want to send notifications, you must first activate this action using the dedicated icon button in the available tab (whether on the Employees or Customer tab, if necessary select everyone in both tabs), then fill in the subject and content. Note that you need to fill every filled separately for employees and customers).
If you want to test the topic, content and formatting method I used, you can register your phone number in the open window and send a test message by clicking on the “Send test message” button.


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