Bookinzy enables you to obtain an integrated payment system that enables you to manage and receive payments from your customers such as the service deposit value or the full service value.

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You can find any payment you want using the convenient filters and searches in the payments dashboard. You can change and place a favorable display by displaying the payments in ascending or descending order in the timesheet columns according to your need.

If the customer completes the payment with PayPal or Stripe when booking via your online booking form, the payment status will appear as paid in green.
If customer chooses local payment when booking, payment status will remain pending. After you receive a payment from the customer, you can go to the payment information by clicking on the Information button from the options in front of him.

By clicking on the Pay button, you can change the status by completing the payment.

If you have received a full payment, you can mark your status as paid by noting this. Otherwise, by noting the payment amount, you can save the status as pending until the other portion of the payment is paid off. it’s your choice.


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