With Bookinzy invoices you will have a chance to send invoices about your services.

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With Bookinzy invoices you will have a chance to send invoices about your services. However,  preparing invoices is quite complex and time taking task, with the Bookinzy Invoice feature everything will be created automatically and fast in PDF format.

Why Invoices are important?

Invoice Basics

An invoice includes the name and contact statistics of the customer and the seller, an outline of the offerings or items rendered, the value in keeping with the item, and the total quantity due. Invoices commonly also encompass a payment due date, a bill range, and a preferred technique of price.

Getting Paid

Invoices assist a company in getting paid incomplete and getting paid on time. It can be hard to receive a commission without a proper bill. Companies usually demand receipt of a detailed invoice before disbursing payments. Payment phrases can help a corporation accumulate receivables quickly. For example, an agency may additionally say that charge is due upon receipt, within 30 days of receipt or 60 days receipt. Including a late fee coverage on a bill — for example, that late payments are a concern to a $20 price — can also help make certain activate charges.

Establishing Legal Rights

Invoices provide proof that products and services are delivered and establish a company’s right to price. In the event that a customer doesn’t pay, an agency can use contracts and invoices to legally reveal to a courtroom of law that it’s owed price. Likewise, the enterprise can keep copies of invoices and amounts paid to contractors and vendors to establish that it finished its contractual obligation for payment.

How to enable Invoice feature?

Creating invoice

For creating invoice we got to Bookinzy>Invocies. From this screen, we can create an invoice template.

From the right column, you can select the email notification headers that you will send to the customer or staff members. From the middle section, you can design the Email notification that you will send to your customers and team members. Also, you can download and preview PDF files for checking if everything is fine or not.

After giving the name and preparing template we save our invoice.

Adding Invoices to Notifications.

After creating and saving invoices, we need to add invoices as an attachment to notifications. We can add invoices to both SMS and Email notifications which are very easy. For this purpose, we just go to the Email or SMS Notification settings. We choose a template where we wanted to add our Invoice.

At the bottom of the notification template box, there is a section called Attach PDF. In this section, we choose which Invoice we want to add and save notification settings. That is all.


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