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Enable customers to log in with Google accounts. As we all know, Google is preferred by people and businesses day by day. We’ve listed the uses and benefits of Google to understand just how great the integration of an online booking system with Google can be.

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As we all know, Google Calendar is preferred by people and businesses day by day. We’ve listed the uses and benefits of Google Calendar to understand just how great the integration of an online booking coordinator with Google Calendar can be.

Share calendars with others

Google Calendar allows you to invite other Google users to share the calendar with you. This feature is invaluable if you are collaborating with a team of people. This way, all team members will know when each member is working and you can also enter the location of the meeting so everyone knows where to go.

Google Calendar also lets you set authorization levels on each calendar to control the amount of power you give other people. You can allow them full access to create and edit event details at that specific time or set it up so they can only see an event without editing it.

Download public calendars

Google Calendar also has a comprehensive database of available calendars that you can support in your calendar. Google lets you subscribe to several pre-packed calendars for free such as your favorite team’s match schedule or sunrise and sunset times in your city.

Integrated with Gmail

In their attempt to take over the world, Google has integrated Gmail and Google Calendar to allow you to organize events on your calendar directly from email. Google scans your emails, and if it finds a date and time, it gives you the address on the right side of the screen to add an event to your calendar. When you do this, the text from the email will be automatically copied into the information about the new event in Google Calendar.

Available wherever there is the Internet

Unlike the app that you install on your computer, Google Calendar runs entirely “in the cloud,” which means that it is collected on a server that you log into. This means that you can access your software from any device connected to the Internet.

Sync calendars with your phone

Another nice feature is the ability to sync Google Calendar with smartphones. This allows you to easily schedule meetings and events from almost anywhere even if you don’t have a computer with yourself.

When we think about its wide availability and benefits, we can understand why it would be so beneficial to integrate an appointment booking system with Google Calendar.

When you receive or approve new appointment requests, all of this is instantly saved to your Google Calendar. Thus even if you do not use SMS and email notifications, you can easily see all of your appointments and receive reminders from your smartphone. This integration works perfectly for your customers, too.

Once your clients complete their appointments, they can add their appointments to Google Calendars using the Add to Google Calendar option. Thus, they can easily view their appointments on their mobile phone.

Thanks to the integration of Google Calendar with the online reservation coordinator, you will easily be able to follow your schedule continuously.


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