Create and manage your services with multi-level categories by Bookinzy addons which uses the AI technology to categories your services using an innovative design for your convenience and to give you an ideal organized presentation that helps you classify services with ease.

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The AI technology is built using an innovative design for your convenience..

You can get an image that works for you by pushing the service structure in every direction as a map with your mouse. You can also increase and decrease the zoom on the map. If you lose the center of the map, you can click the button and you can automatically drag the map to the center.
Let’s go together to create a new service. In the beginning, you have to create your first class because any class is not present in your system. To do this, just click on the “+” icon in front of the categories in the middle of the screen. Enter the category name in the plugin below and click the Save icon. Here is your first class.

If you want to add a second category in parallel, then enter the category name and save it by pressing the “+” button in front of the same categories. You can repeat this process as many times as you need. There is no limit to the number of categories and services.

If you want to add a subcategory for Category 1, click on the “+” icon next to it. In the window that pops up, you will be asked whether you want to add a category or service. Select the category option. Save by entering the name of the subclass.

If you want to add a service to the subcategory you are adding to, click the + icon and select Add Service on the popup menu.

To add a service, a new form will open:

There are 4 steps to add a service:

  1. Service details
  2. Staff
  3. Time Sheet
  4. Extras

First of all, you need to fill in the main information on this line on the Service Details tab.

Service Image: Add an image to the service. While booking on the front end, your customers will see your picture.
Service Name: Put your service name in the Name box.
Category: No changes are required here.
Price: Type the price for the service. You only need to write the price there, no need to put the coin. For example: 50.00
Duration: You need to write in the Duration box about your term of service. The options appear here according to the length of time you select in General Settings. If you choose 10 minutes for the length of time, the options will appear in 10-minute increments. 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D etc.
Buffer Time Before: If you need some extra time before service starts, you need to note this here.
Just like duration, options will appear here as well depending on the general time period length setting.
Buffer Time After: If you need some extra time after you finish service, you need to write that down here.
Just like duration, options will appear here as well depending on the general time period length setting.
Recurring: If you want to add recurring services (sessions), you must activate this option.
What is a recurring service? There are some services that start and end at certain hours. For example, you have an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Within one hour, the doctor will examine your eye and it is finished. This type of service is infrequent. But there is also another type of service that often requires that the service be used after certain periods of time. For example, an ophthalmologist will give you a 10-day treatment. During these 10 days, he must attend the doctor’s appointment for one hour. This type of service is a recurring service. If you also have a frequent service in your business, this option is for you.
After activating this option, some options will appear for the recurring service.

Recurrence: You can select the type of recurring service here. There are 3 types of options:

  1. Monthly
  2. Weekly
  3. Daily

Monthly recurring service: If your service is repeated on certain days of the month, you can choose the monthly option. For example, if it repeats on the first, second, and third day of every month. Either you will be able to choose as the first Sunday, the last Wednesday, and the third of every month.

Weekly recurring services: If your service will repeat for certain days of the week, select this option. For example, it can be repeated on the first, third, and fifth day of every week.

Daily recurring services: If your service is repeated every day or on a certain number of days, you should select this daily option. For example, your service must be repeated in two days.

When creating a service, you can only choose its type in this option. Customers will choose their services which will be available on any days of the week or if the service is recurring monthly, it will be repeated on any days of the month, or if it is a recurring daily service, it will be repeated in a few days. For example, a customer will want to use your service on the second and fifth days of the week. Another customer may also want to use the service on the first and fourth day of the week. If the dates specified by the customer are not available in the schedule, the system will not accept those days.

Fixed full period: If you make this option, you can select the full recurring service period. For the example, we mentioned above that the sample treatment will take 10 days. In this case, we are working on this option and choose 10 days in the area of ​​conquest. There are options for the month, week, and time (times) as well as the day option in this area. If you do not activate this option, the customer will determine how long the service will last upon reservation. For example, a customer will choose that I book this service on the first and third day from September 10th to November 15th.
Fixed frequency: With this solution, you can set the repetition frequency. If you add the monthly recurring service and choose 5 days per month by activating this option, the customer will select 5 days per month when booking.
Or if you add a weekly recurring service and write 3 days a week on fixed frequency, the customer will be able to select only 3 days of the week when booking. When this option is disabled, you have no client limits.

Payment: With this option, you will determine how your recurring services will be paid when your customers book. There are two options:

Clients should pay for the first appointment only.
Clients must pay for all appointments in the chain.
If booking online is sufficient to pay for the first one appointment, then select the first option. The customer must pay all appointments online when setting a recurring appointment and selecting the second option.

Capacity: With this option, you can specify whether your customers will sign up for this service either individually or in a group. If it must be written individually, then select Customer Only in this option. Otherwise, you can select the group option and set the minimum and maximum number of clients to be typed at the same time.
Note: You can enter a brief description of the service. This information will appear to the customer in the front booking interface.

On the Employees tab, you can add the employees who work for this service. Simply click on the Add Employees button, and select your employees. If the current service is going to be a specific rate for the employees you choose, activate the “Specific rate” checkbox and enter into the section What is your own rate for employees.

On the tab Time sheet, you can set up a special schedule for your service. By default, the schedule you set in Settings> Business Hours appears here. If you need specific schedules for this service, you must first activate the “Create specific schedule” check box.

There is a submenu for Special Days on the Service tab. If the schedule for your service will be different from any special days, you can exclude it from this submenu. Simply click the Add a Special Day button and specify the date and start and end hours.

On the Extras tab, you can add items to your service.

Select the extras image, enter its name and its price.
There may be some add-ons that can be set on the duration. In this case, upon the current additional determination, the additional term will be added to the general duration of the appointment. There may be some additives that are sold without term. In this case, just keep the duration blank. You will choose this maximum number of lots a customer will book at times to the max quantity section.
After completing all the contents, you can click on the Add Service button.


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