What we do?

Rapid adoption of the best in-house technology and solutions

Developing smart solutions within the company and adopting innovative technology is our passion and profession. We have significantly customized our new lightweight virtualization method to ensure it meets our security and reliability standards in addition to providing integrated Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to all of our customers. We never stop innovating and are keen to provide the best possible service to all of our customers.

Fully managed service for added convenience

We believe managed service is a way to enable our customers to focus on their core business and forget about maintaining the site from their business listing. We offer our customers an automatic update service or make their own schedule. We use the latest PHP versions and allow you to switch between templates. We also enable static caching of the online reservation page which can be disabled or viewed with ease.

Continuous security monitoring and prevention are our standard

We have a dedicated team of security experts to track daily vulnerabilities of all programs at the server and website level. In addition, security patches and improvements are active on a daily basis in order to prevent all potential attacks. Last year, we added 300 custom rules to our website firewall that blocked many previously undiscovered vulnerabilities.

Bookinzy team

The work team designs applications with precision and professionalism in order to achieve commercial goals by providing the highest quality service possible for you and your customers, after 3 years of experience, our products have become the most worthy of their work and perform all functions and tasks quickly and safely.

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Riyadh, Al-Zahra District, Al-Majmal Street - 12984

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(+966) 0592367002

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